Nomad Samurai

Hi! I’m Rodrigo Sañudo. A Spanish guy with the goal of achieving financial independence in less than 10 years while nomading around the world, helping the planet reducing the global carbon footprint and building digital products people love. 💸 I left a 6 figures job and a comfortable life in Zürich to pursue this dream. And because of that, I’ve never been happier. This blog is the place where I’ll keep track of my progress—failing or succeeding—in a completely open and transparent way. I make this process public following the example of some of the people that inspire me so that I stay accountable for my progress, and I’m forced to keep my motivation and pressure high. And if any of this inspires someone to follow their dreams, the reward will be double.



40% → making moving easier and better by building wetipi 30% → freelancing as Sr. Product Designer 10% → reducing global carbon footprint by building GouBlue 10% → studying and defining my next small project to develop 10% → growing Nomad Samurai initiative


M.G.R. → 3.120 € / month Total wealth → 136.003 € Financial freedom → 1.000.000 € Keeping a transparent track of my financial journey towards FIRE


Burgos, Spain 🇪🇸 ✈️ Bali → 20th January 🇮🇩 On the road for the last year and a half with the things I carry on my backpack


I only have the things I carry on my backpack

My backpack

This is my financial data in my journey towards FIRE

Open finance

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This blog is a tool to keep me in the pace of creating stuff and openly sharing my journey. If I don’t make progress, you can point me and tell me: GO FUCKING DO IT! 👉

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