September 2020

Highlights of the month

  • I'm in Lisbon!!!! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
  • I survived to the process of selling everything and abandoning Switzerland. Although it affected drastically to my focus, productivity and stress. I've been very stressed because of this 😣
  • We did the final set up of the GouBlue website and released it to production. The website is 100% operative at GouBlue.com and we are making more efforts on sales.
  • The wetipi project is moving forward. The first version of the web and USPs can be found here. In the following days we will release an improved version. We are also making a lot of efforts in many directions to improve the product, company and getting investment. There are many things to do 🤯
  • I've started to increase my knowledge in development, with focus on the back-end part since I already know many things in the front-end.

Personal reflection

This month has been a fucking disaster in terms of production. All the things around leaving Switzerland stressed me too much, and I couldn't focus on doing stuff. Although leaving Switzerland is doing something 😆

I don't say it, many statistics say it. Moving is among the top five of things that stress:

Doing it in Switzerland, leaving the country after abandon your way of income multiplies the factor. I don't complain about the fact, because I happily choose to do all the things mentioned. I'm complaining about the moving process in Switzerland—and I'm doing something to improve it ;). It is the explanation of why this month was horrible in terms of production. Stress.

After solving the problem of selling all the things in FacebookHell, the handover cleaning and finding the substitutional tenant, is funny to look back and thought that I was stressed for nothing. When you are in that moment, you see minor things to do as a fucking huge mountain you have to climb. Something that takes 10 minutes looks to you like a whole day of work and full dedication. But if you are looking at it from the outside, it looks like the thing it is. Just a minor thing that you will solve in 10 minutes. 8 if you do it fast. One of my friends is also moving in Switzerland, and he is having the same stress issue. It was revealing to see him from the outside after I finished all the process.

Stress is, without a doubt, fascinating. Because in the right amount, it makes you work harder, faster and more intelligent. It also saves lives—that was the original purpose of stress: running away from the lion!! 🦁 But too much stress and you become an artichoke 🥦

I'm a person that usually don't get stressed. So when this kind of situations happen to me, I'm very surprised. Even following my usual routine doesn't help. Meditating, yoga, walking, reading, doing sports... I continue doing all the things that are supposed to reduce stress. And nothing. So I'm very interested in research ways that can prevent this situation again, on me and in others. It would be super awesome to be able to measure and affect the level of stress of a person, so that you press a button and your body is just in the perfect run from the lion level—and no more, adjusted to your personal needs—for a deadline. When finishing or before going home, you press the lying in the hamaca level and you feel in heaven. I truly believe someone is already researching this and similar applications with a biochip that can be implanted. The future of cyborg-humans is fascinating and scaring at the same time. What would Aldous Huxley say?

Other than that. I'm already officially not Swiss resident!! And I'm in Lisbon!! 👏

I can say that I have crossed a checkpoint. I already took another path after months looking at the fork of the road. It feels good. As expected, nothing really changes. The only thing that changes is the peace of mind and tranquillity of not having to pay the Swiss apartment and follow all the Swiss bureaucratic processes and requirements. So, for now on, I have more space on my mind and brain to dedicate to me and to the next things that will happen in my life. And that peace and space, you can't pay it with money. That changes everything.

I don't want to reflect more on this month. I just look ahead.


There are many things that I will not miss from Switzerland. Like his ridiculous prices. But there are other things that I'm missing already apart from my friends. I had a very nice view of the alps from my apartment. Enjoying that view, in winter, in the morning during the sunrise just after wake up, with the windows a little bit opened, feeling the cold air entering in the house and listening to the sound of some crazy birds that don't migrate and stay in Zurich. Preparing a matcha tea with one finger of milk. No sugar. Drinking it and doing a yoga session to wake up properly. That, I miss.

Pictures of the views from my previous apartment taken in random days:


Monthly priorities

Previous month priorities review

Leave my apartment. Sell all the furniture. Leave Switzerland
Go and establish myself in my new location. Order the forwarding of the e-residence card to my new location once I am there
Release wetipi website. Define and move forward with next steps
Analyze and plan what the next iteration of my portfolio is going to be. Start working on it
Keep an eye on the market and apply here and there for the chance of getting new clients. No rush. Only really interesting things.
Write the third post of the blog and send it to more family members and friends
Think on the next thing I am going to try. Maybe start working on it?
Consider some projects, proposal and ideas that are around me. I could be involved in other projects soon. I’m in conversations with different people. Sadly, I can’t provide details yet.

Next month high-level priorities

Enjoy Lisbon
Move forward with wetipi making version two of all our current touch points: brand, web, pitch deck and product flow. Work in other next steps
Moving forward with GouBlue sales strategy
Keep an eye on the market and apply here and there for the chance of getting new clients. No rush. Only really interesting things
Include 1 more project in my portfolio and redesign the homepage
Write the next post of the blog and send it to more family members and friends
Starting to develop the next thing I'm going to build. A small but useful thing so that I'm able to learn how to develop a solution end-to-end, including some back-end stuff. I'm going to face many problems here, but the objective is to build it, no matter what things I have to learn to do it. No deadline since it is going to be about research and learning for me
Get Estonian e-residence card


This next section includes more details and explanations about everything I have done during the month to help me see how much I’ve done, like a diary for myself. The resume of the essential things is above.

Detailed report

Leaving Switzerland

  • After leaving my Swiss company, I'm officially unemployed starting from October. I'm still waiting for my bonus, though 🙃
  • I sold many many things. At the beginning I was worry about being able of selling everything on time, and I was quite stressed. It is a fucking horrible experience that consumes a lot of time
  • I'm officially not Swiss resident 😱. I also managed all the things related with that, unsubscribe from all services, moving 2a pillar, managing cleaning of the apartment and so on. Sounds easy but they were A LOT of things. I don't write them here because I don't want to think about them anymore. DONE. FINITO. FIN.


  • I finished the draft design and setup of the website. We will adjust many things in the next version we are working on. Including USPs, product, brand... You can see it here and in the following days we will have a better version.
  • I created the first version of the brand and did a couple of small iterations to improve it.
  • We created the first version of the Pitch Deck, and we are starting to work in the next version. Including everything around financial planning, share splits, market, etc.
  • We worked together on the customer journey and App user flow. I iterated and improved the App user flow.


  • Final set up of the website and release to production. The website is 100% operative at GouBlue.com
  • I updated the image of all social media accounts and prepared some material to publish there in the future. Both, in paid and non paid publications.
  • Review of the app and minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • I adjusted a sales presentation to be sent to prospects.

Portfolio, applications & interviews

  • I had a round of several interviews with Crowdhouse, here in Zurich. They only wanted someone on-site so there is nothing to do here for now.
  • I had interview with one prospect client from Switzerland thanks to a friend referral and we are talking about business, but nothing defined yet. Everything can happen.
  • I reviewed my portfolio and set next steps and things to be done in the following weeks.

Nomad Samurai blog

  • The blog didn't work properly during a couple of days due to a Notion update. I had to update the code that makes the blog work in order to go back to normal. In theory, now the images of the blog should load faster. It also has support for Dark Mode now.
  • I polished how one component is visually shown in the blog.


  • I've started to study Web Development in codecademy. Since I already know many things on front-end development, I'm focusing on learning back-end so that I am capable of developing a digital product from end-to-end.
  • I iterated in the way I organize myself and the things I have to do in Notion. After some weeks of using it I can say that is now more clear and makes me to be more focused.
  • I have switched all my positions from DEGIRO in CHF to DEGIRO in €. It required many transfers and time to make it as cheap as possible. I lost only around 20€ doing the change. Not bad.
  • I already decided the name of my Estonian company. I will not say it yet because before I have to check that it doesn't exist in the Estonian records to register it. The name is not conventional and domains are free, so 99,99% of chance that it is not register. 🤞

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