Open finance

This is my financial data starting from January 2019, when I started to think about FIRE and also started to take some notes about my income and expenses. I had to reconstruct going backwards most of the data before October 2020, so that data is not 100% accurate, but it represents reality.

Correlation between monthly gross income and wealth is not direct in month by month basis due to delays receiving payments, taxes and salary.

Monthly gross revenue

Sales, freelance invoices or payment slips from employers.


Total wealth

Personal wealth + (company wealth - 20% taxes (estonian or portuguese NHR)). Pension or retirement funds, including Swiss 2a and 3a pillars, are not included here. Just pure wealth I can have access whenever I want.


Total wealth against 1 million target

Comparing a linear progress towards 1 million with my wealth, which should grow with compound interest in the future.


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