July 2020

Highlights of the month

  • Release of my Portfolio MVP (aka version 1.0). I’m quite embarrassed with many things, but as it’s said: if you are not embarrassed with the first version, it means you waited too much time to release it. This version got me 4 interviews of 5 applications (still waiting for the answer in the 5th). Not bad after all 🙃
  • I’ve communicated to my current client that August will be the last month I work for them
  • I made the final decision to became a Nomad Indie Maker and released this blog. Thank you all who helped me providing feedback! :)
  • I had the first lead subscribing to my newsletter from Nomad Samurai’s Instagram account. It’s just an anecdote, but it was a nice feeling. You can also follow me
  • I’ve been accepted as Estonian e-resident 🇪🇪
  • I’m back in Switzerland! 🇨🇭
  • I’m an official PADI Scuba Diver 🤿🐠🐡

Personal reflection

I would say this has been a good month in terms of production and an interesting month in which very exciting things have happened.

This month I’ve had days of outstanding work in which I’ve produced a considerable amount of stuff achieving certain milestones, and other days in which I’ve enjoyed a lot my last days in Vietnam.

I deserved to enjoy those days in the middle of the COVID-19 storm in Vietnam, so I have no problem with not finalising everything I had in mind for the last weeks. It’s also necessary to enjoy life, and I’ve been very lucky sharing those days of uncertainty with amazing people that made them so much easier and enjoyable. 😊

The release of the blog and to communicate to my client the end of the contractual relation at the end of this month are two big things that change everything. A lot. The blog fuels me and starting in September, at least for now, I won’t make any money. Happily, I can still pay myself 3/4 months of salary with the saved money I have in the Swiss company.


FUCK. THIS WORKS. Only in 3 weeks and with limited people having access to it, I can feel that the purpose and idea behind the blog are working. I can feel the pressure of doing and finalising things on my back. It has helped me in finalising certain things earlier and not procrastinate. Also, reviewing and writing down all the things I’ve done in the month opened my eyes in how productive I’ve been. Before doing it, I didn’t realise I did so many stuff in the last month. Looks good and promising!

Next month high-level priorities

  1. Moving forward—as much as I can—on leaving Switzerland.
  2. Prepare trip to pick-up Estonian e-residence card. Pick it up if possible. It depends on which country I’ll go, which I don’t know yet.
  3. Release website and social media accounts for the Mobility StartUp. Minor bug fixes and improvements in the app if needed.
  4. Minor improvements in my portfolio.
  5. Keeping an eye on the market and apply here and there for the chance of getting new clients. No rush. Only really interesting things.
  6. Write the second post of the blog and send it to more family members and friends. I’m also considering adding Spanish language into the blog.
  7. Decide the idea and the next thing I am going to try and start working on it.
  8. Consider some projects, proposal and ideas that are around me. I could be involved in other projects soon. I’m in conversations with different people. Sadly, I can’t provide details yet.


This next section includes more details and explanations about everything I have done during the month to help me see how much I’ve done, like a diary for myself. The resume of the essential things is above.

Detailed report


I had in mind that my client could end the contract in the following months due to the new CEO entering in the company in the next weeks. I’m expensive for them.

We had a conversation and they didn’t want me to leave. Nevertheless, the only solution appeared to be decreasing my rate and making my conditions worst. Doing that is something I wasn’t going to accept for a contract that I was already thinking of ending for months. Also, it’s unacceptable when there are other clients out there willing to offer much better conditions. Therefore, I ended the contract the first day I could after putting my feet in Switzerland—having less uncertainty in my life. I control the timing of my things. Not them.

  • I filled some hours as Lead UX/UI Designer for my client as usual

Portfolio, applications & interviews

In the first weeks of the month, I released the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of my portfolio showing only 4 projects—one of them only as a reference to the real app and without explaining anything at all. The explanation of the other projects is just OK, and I should add more images about the processes, sketches, how I got and analysed data and how I made certain decisions. Also, there’s no responsive at all—taking care of screen sizes smaller than desktop. Some months ago I wouldn’t be capable of pressing the button to make the release, because I really feel very embarrassed about its state.

Nevertheless, I released it intending to apply to a couple of companies and test my portfolio and my profile in the market as Sr. Product Designer. I only do this to improve my portfolio with the feedback I gather from the interviews so that I have a polished back-up if I really need to use it.

  • Design, development and release of my portfolio website.
  • Update CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • I applied to 3 job offers as Sr. Product Designer. I got 3 interviews. I rejected 2 positions after the interviews, and I’m looking forward to having the 3rd one in the most known and important company of those three.
  • I applied to 2 job offers as Design Mentor/Teacher in two online platforms. I’m having an interview this week and waiting for an answer from the other platform.
  • To complete my profile and all the applications, along with my portfolio, CV and LinkedIn profile, I had to write correspondent cover letters, record videos and so on... Applying to jobs is a job itself 😰

Startup mobility

I have to admit that this month my implication with this project has suffered and declined. I’ve had the website waiting to be done on the queue since the beginning of the month. I only worked on the draft during the last days, and I couldn’t complete it. This is my biggest fail this month 😣

  • Android app QA and Bug Fixes
  • Release iOS app, QA and Bug Fixes
  • User testing
  • Design minor improvements and add COVID-19 recommendations
  • Backlog refinement and clean up
  • Draft of the website at 50%


One of the big things of this month for me. Once decided, I built and prepared the blog to be fully online and operative in less than 30 minutes with technically no expenses—only 10$ / year for the domain. This is what motivation does 😅

  • Set up domain and website
  • Write a draft of the first post and home
  • User testing with 8 users, having some interviews and conversations with some of them. Thank you for the feedback!
  • Improved the first post and blog with some of the feedback received. Better ideas about how to evolve the blog in the future thanks to the feedback
  • Set up a free custom email address and newsletter database. Sending emails is still not automatised though
  • Define the first version of the monthly report (this page, actually)
  • Research deeply the software I’ve used for building the blog, different solutions and capabilities. I’m thinking on building something on top of it.
  • Posted the first photo on Nomad Samurai’s Instagram account. Follow me!!
  • I had my first lead subscribing to the newsletter! A friend who is my follower number 9. Completely unexpected 😅


  • I applied and received the Estonian e-residence so that I can open my future business in Estonia. I applied when coronavirus in Spain wasn’t so bad and ordered the card to Madrid to pick it up there. Now I have to decide where to re-send my card (Berlin, Tallinn, Vienna, Prague, Copenhagen...) and go there to pick it up. I’m not going to Spain to reduce any risk with COVID-19 or quarantine
  • I did the PADI Open Waters course, and now I’m a certified Scuba Diver up to 18m deep 🐠

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