December 2020

Highlights of the month

  • I did a full working prototype of the whole solution for wetipi and we have started to develop the MVP
  • Innossuise has granted us 10.000CHF to spend as a salary for an advisor to help us with the company and product. We have also had some promising meetings for funding and clients. Nothing closed yet, though.
  • I opened Nomad Samurai blog to the public, switching to Super and releasing the post Why and How I incorporated an Estonian company for freelancing
  • Working some hours for my new client is nice 🀟

Financial freedom. FIRE objective: 1.000.000 €


Month gross revenue: 3.120 €


Wealth: 136.003 € (- 258 €)

Check all the details at my Open Finance page

Personal reflection and growth

This month has been a month of high personal growth and realisation. The initial days in Ericeira didn't go as expected. Instead of sunny surfing days with other people, I had terrible weather in an empty co-living space. I took advantage of the situation and used it as a moment for high introspection, reading, doing sports and working.

Thanks to that, I feel that I've encountered the inner peace and balance I found in Vietnam and lost in Switzerland. I think the key to achieving this state again has been a change of scale in my perspective.

Not everything was good, and I can highlight two bad experiences, although I will keep one of them for me. My grandmother passed away. She was 95, and it was her time. Sadly I couldn't see her before she died.

Visiting family in my hometown is good. Being here for Christmas has been an anchor that has modified my behaviour during the last months. Now that I'm here, I sometimes feel very disconnected from most people and places here... None of the last years I felt connected, but the distance this year is larger and more visible than ever. There are still good connections, though, and I've had difficult conversations with people I had to had some years ago to close chapters that were still without an end. Closing chapters, and starting new ones, has been liberating and now I feel more peaceful.

The dates for flying to Bali have changed after Indonesia closed its borders until 14th January. Let's see how being so much time at home evolves because I don't feel very comfortable and productive at my mom's. In any case, I can't change the world, so I will navigate through it the best I can.

It has been a peculiar year for everyone. I should be, nevertheless, very grateful for it. I've been in a privilege position the whole year, and my life has changed dramatically for good. I was very lucky being happily stuck in Vietnam and living those amazing months there. I was very lucky enjoying the last sunny days of winter in Portugal. I'm very lucky because I didn't have to experience Covid consequences on its worst moments. I'm grateful for everyone I've met, everything I've learnt and how much I've grown this year. But the journey continues :)


I forgot how much I love to workout in extremely cold conditions. Snow, ice, rain, mud, wind, -5Β°C... It's kind of magic working out alone, almost in the forest, at the very first time of winter days while watching the sunrise and trying not to get your fingers frozen.

Habits improved this month

  • I now work in full silence, and I feel even more focused.
  • Trying to reduce even more the amount of time I check my phone or feeling hurry or stress because of work notifications, I turned off almost all notifications on my mobile phone and computer. I already had disabled notifications in social networks for a long time. Now, no notifications, sounds, vibration or badges for email, Slack, Trello, social networks... The first days were strange, but now I'm even more present in what I do. I now only have notifications in apps where I can receive a truly urgent message: AirBnB, WhatsApp (no sounds, I only use it for personal purposes), phone calls and calendar (to appear in the few meetings I have). I now don't feel the urgency of work because of notifications at any random time when I see a message from someone. I only work when I deliberately want to work and check Slack or other platforms.
  • With the same purpose, I did an iteration in how I arrange my phone home screen and apps. Some would say I'm crazy, but it is the product of many iterations and research on myself to make the phone a tool I control and use intentionally and with purpose:

Monthly priorities

Previous month priorities review

Fill some hours as Sr. Product Designer for my client
Move forward with the design and development of wetipi MVP. Having a complete version 2 of the design of the MVP is doable, but know I need to synchronize and prioritize the development process, so I may need to focus on other stuff to make it faster πŸ’ͺ
Review and fix German version of wetipi website
Review and improve wetipi Pitch Deck
Support GouBlue sales efforts. Including making a small promotional video
Release a new post for Nomad Samurai and maybe other small things I have in mind
Open Nomad Samurai blog to the public (currently is not. Try to search for it on Google πŸ™ƒ)
Continue the bet studying code, the productization of myself and any other things that can help me in the future

Next month high-level priorities

This month I'm going to have a completely different approach to see what happens. January is going to be a month in where I'm going to readjust things. Not because it is the beginning of the year, I don't believe in yearly goals, but because it has happened now. I'm going to have only three objectives, and anything else would be added on top because I feel I want to do it, not because it's part of my objectives. I'm going to use more my inspiration time to do things I want to do in those moments, instead of using it on things I have to do. Lately, I felt that I was doing some things because I put them at the beginning of the month, but I was not enjoying them, like writing for Nomad Samurai, which I enjoy but not if it is forced. Less is more:

Start building one product by myself. Let's be honest, no more blah blah blah. It's time to truly start
Move forward with wetipi. I don't have anything specific in mind
Fill some hours as Sr. Product Designer for my client (this is a "mandatory" objective)


This next section includes more details and explanations about everything I have done during the month to help me see how much I’ve done, like a diary for myself. The resume of the essential things is above.

Detailed report


  • I filled some hours as Sr. Product Designer for my client


  • I iterated on the design prototype and did a working prototype of wetipi's full solution. You can quickly check it here
  • We have started developing the MVP
  • Innossuise has granted us 10.000CHF to spend as a salary for an advisor to help us with the company and product.
  • We have had some promising meetings with companies, prospects and people interested in funding. There's nothing closed yet, though. Let's see how everything evolves, Real Estate is a very slow world
  • I finished the German version of the current web. You can find it here


  • I did a promotional video. You can check it here
  • I updated the English version of the web. Now we don't say monstrosities. Don't trustβ€”yetβ€”even the best cutting-edge AI translators

Nomad Samurai blog

  • I opened the blog to the public
  • I switched the blog from Fruition to Super, and now it goes super fast. I had to do some small tweaks at customization, but I will start implementing some changes little by little from now on.
  • I did some bug fixing with the signup form and automated the welcome email
  • I released the post Why and How I incorporated an Estonian company for freelancing and posted it in my Social Networks

Other small bets


  • I've stopped studying development in codeacademy. I don't need more of that, and it is slow, very slow. I should learn by myself, by doing and with Google. The way I learnt everything I knew before. Probably I should have done this since the beginning.
  • I released a very simple website for my company, keinois, and did some management work for it
  • I managed everything Bali related. Visa, flights, accommodation and so on. Including changes and PCR tests πŸ˜…
  • I finally closed my Swiss bank account

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