August 2020

Highlights of the month

  • I’m back in Switzerland! 🇨🇭And I have everything "ready" for whenever I know I can leave the country 🙃
  • I have finished working for my client. Now I will have 0 monthly gross revenue 😵
  • The web for the enterprise mobility startup I'm building for reducing global carbon footprint, GouBlue, is ready. At least everything that is on my side. We have to solve a couple of things and do the migration. It is not yet online on its final domain, but I am not lying. Sorry non Spanish speakers, it's only in Spanish for now. It is here
  • I'm starting a new and very promising—and big—project called wetipi with another team. It's related with real state. I'm currently working on the first version of our brand and web showing our unique selling proposition. You should find it here in the following days
  • I have decided to go to Budapest as my next destination for the next weeks, months or who knows how much time, and for picking up the e-residence card. Hungary is closing borders starting on 1st of September, so I have decided to not decide anything until I know the date I'll move out of my apartment and Switzerland. The available options right now are Warsaw, Lisbon, Tallinn, Prague, Vilnius and Riga. Any recommendation?

Personal reflection

This was a hard month emotionally speaking. I’m just starting to jump, and that’s the moment in which you have more doubts and you are more afraid about what you are going to do next. But fuck. This is going fast... 😱

Leaving my client has been relieved for me. Now I have more time to be focused on other things. But the truth about this month is that it has been difficult sometimes. At the beginning of the month, I flew to Zürich, and it took me some days to adjust myself to the new situation. After some months in where things “weren’t moving”, now everything started to move very very fast. I had to change my daily routine, schedule of working, training, cooking, etc.

I had two very stressful weeks trying to move forward with both selling all the stuff I could before going to my apartment and handling the viewings of my apartment. Mainly because I had to be constantly checking the phone, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, again and again... That is shit and made me nervous. I’m a person who tries to stay away from using technology too much. I increased the use of my phone by average 125% per day, only on my phone. I went from a usage—screen is on, so it counts when I’m doing yoga, meditating and working out, even if I’m not using the phone per se—of 3 hours per day to more than 6 hours and a half. That is 24,5 hours lost in a week. One fucking day. And the worst thing is that the time you overuse the phone influences you in other ways. Sleeping worst, forcing you to multitask, changing behaviours, reducing attention, a false sense of realization, false rewarding dopamine effects and so on. I lost many hours of enjoyment because of this shit. I‘m very happy about going to normal again and stay away from dopamine fuckers.

I understand that the above problems were multiplied by the real and big theme for me right now. Which is the fact that I’m, actually, leaving Switzerland and moving to the next phase. And it’s a fucking rollercoaster of feelings. One day I’m in the top, and I feel that I’m going to surpass any problem, I will build a product that will give me, at least, enough income to maintain myself. I feel that I can conquer the world after that 💪. The following day I’m questioning everything and thinking if I should have, at least, maintain my client. What am I doing with my life? Is it conscious what am I doing? What if I find a job in Switzerland and stay comfortable here? Why am I leaving my amazing house? Why am I going to risk everything I have already? If I find a job in Zurich, I will earn five figures gross per month!! What the fuck am I doing!? Why can’t I be comfortable here? This city and country are amazing... Am I crazy? Did I make this decision consciously? Did I really think about this? Fuck... And all of these questions are multiplied when people say to me: Now!? With coronavirus? You can’t travel!—which is not true, I can move inside Europe, and anyway being a nomad doesn’t mean literally to travel often. Now it’s the worst time to find clients with the crisis!

Some days it is hard. It’s tough because I ask myself why the hell I’m doing this. I’m abandoning a place where I could live very well and very comfortable. I’m abandoning one of the best countries—if not the best—to live when I actually don’t want to leave the country. But I do want to do other things above living here. So the choice is clear, although not easy. I can always come back.

Seneca’s essay on tranquillity has helped me this month. Specifically, when he uses the word euthymia, which he defines as:

There’s never a good time to do anything. And maybe because everyone is scared is the best time to do it. More meat for the wolves that are not afraid. So fuck it. I’m doing it. I want my freedom.


One of the things I appreciated the most when I arrived at Zürich was its silence, peace and tranquillity. It blew my mind after months listening motorcycles every day everywhere. In the other hand, in only 4 hours in my second day, playing pool and having a normal dinner outside, I spent the same amount of money I usually spent in food in the whole week in Vietnam... Crazy.

Monthly priorities

Previous month priorities review

Moving forward—as much as I can—on leaving Switzerland.
Prepare trip to pick-up Estonian e-residence card. Pick it up if possible. It depends on which country I’ll go, which I don’t know yet.
Release website and social media accounts for the Mobility StartUp. Minor bug fixes and improvements in the app if needed.
Minor improvements in my portfolio.
Keeping an eye on the market and apply here and there for the chance of getting new clients. No rush. Only really interesting things.
Write the second post of the blog and send it to more family members and friends. I’m also considering adding Spanish language into the blog.
Decide the idea and the next thing I am going to try and start working on it.
Consider some projects, proposal and ideas that are around me. I could be involved in other projects soon. I’m in conversations with different people. Sadly, I can’t provide details yet.

Next month high-level priorities

Leave my apartment. Sell all the furniture. Leave Switzerland
Go and establish myself in my new location. Order the forwarding of the e-residence card to my new location once I am there
Release wetipi website. Define and move forward with next steps
Analyze and plan what the next iteration of my portfolio is going to be. Start working on it
Keep an eye on the market and apply here and there for the chance of getting new clients. No rush. Only really interesting things.
Write the third post of the blog and send it to more family members and friends
Think on the next thing I am going to try. Maybe start working on it?
Consider some projects, proposal and ideas that are around me. I could be involved in other projects soon. I’m in conversations with different people. Sadly, I can’t provide details yet.


This next section includes more details and explanations about everything I have done during the month to help me see how much I’ve done, like a diary for myself. The resume of the essential things is above.

Detailed report


  • I filled some hours as Lead UX/UI Designer for my client as usual. But this was my last month 💃. I have to say that, after two weeks, I am very happy with my decision. Even if my wallet is not.

Leaving Switzerland

  • Reviewed and listed all the stuff I have to do to leave Switzerland, the country of paperwork and processes 😣. I have to say that it was quite exhausting to figure out everything taking into account my special next nomad situation
  • I was going to take notes of how much leaving Switzerland was going to cost me. And I though, what the hell, let's do an article about it. So I'm working on it and in mapping exactly what things I have in my backpack
  • Listed the apartment in rental platforms and set two days of viewings
  • I have sold all the things that I could sold before moving in into my apartment and are not directly related with the apartment. I'm waiting for my current Landlord to notify me who is the next tenant to arrange the final move out date—as last day to do it 30 September—and what furniture the next tenant is going to buy.
  • Fuck, selling things on second hand market and finding a next tenant for your apartment is fucking exhausting. Nothing more to add to the personal reflection I have done in the above section. Hell and stress 🤬
  • I analyzed all the cities and countries where I can move after leaving Switzerland. I prepared a couple of scenarios taking into account COVID, how expensive the places are and with preference for a city I have never been before.
  • I have started the process of switching my DEGIRO account from CHF to EUR. It is a fucking nightmare, I had to create another account and now I have to transfer all my positions. Which means basically to pay 🤬


  • Designed and developed the website in Wordpress. It is not a super amazing website, but it is good enough and with a startup soul. The whole technical part does not depend on me, that is why I have gone even slower than I could have gone if I would have had full access to everything. But this is what teamwork is. Sometimes is slower...
  • Reviewed iOS and Android app. We did minor improvements on. The app is completely functional and it will be open to the public soon—currently it is in beta. Although it can be used only by the employees of the companies we have a contract with, so not very useful for the general market anyway


  • We started the project
  • We prepared a Pitch Deck for presenting it to investors. We presented it asking for investment. Let's see what happens
  • We had a full day session working together to shape a little bit more the product, company, etc.
  • I'm currently working on the first version of the brand and website for showing our unique selling propositions. It's going to be a superfast production. Let's see what we have there in the following days. You will be able to see it here in some days. For now, there's nothing there

Blog Nomad Samurai

  • I wrote the second post of the blog. I wanted to write only one post talking about what is FIRE for me. But I started to write and... 😅
  • I have many ideas about next posts. I'm writing four at the same time. Some of them need time to be finished because depend on things that will happen with time, in the future. P.e.: How did I open my Estonian company
  • I sent the blog to more people, family and friends I know. I have more followers and more feedback
  • I had the second lead from Instagram account now that I added the website again to my profile. I can actually see that more people is reading the blog, but they don't subscribe. If you are one of those persons: Hi! Don't be shy 👋. I assume they come from friends and suggestions from the instagram account. It is the only way because currently the blog is closed to robots on Google.

Portfolio, applications & interviews

  • I had an interview with Automattic. One interview only by texting in Slack. Their whole hiring process is just writing in Slack. It was weird. They didn't continue with the process because of cultural affinity reasons. It is true that my background is not what Automattic exactly looks for, but I also think that my portfolio, even if it has demonstrated that it gets me interviews, has to improve to enter in this kind of top companies.
  • I had an interview to be mentor in one of the online design courses I applied last month. It was fast and short, a battery of questions like never before I had in an interview. I think it was good. I didn't get the job because they were looking for someone with already some experience teaching UX 🤷‍♂️
  • I applied as Full-Stack Designer at ghost, an amazing company with an amazing culture. I had an interview to talk with the founder and CEO and the current lead designer during one hour. It was very nice. I did not get the job. They said to me that I was in the 0.5% of the applicants to get the job. They also say they receive around 500. Make the maths. Was I the second? 😅
  • I did minor improvements on my portfolio. Not bigger improvements though, update some images and fix some problems. I did not focus too much on this. As mentioned, I think my portfolio needs an iteration and needs to improve. Maybe adding one more full project and explaining a little bit more the ones I have. It does not communicate my real seniority and level.
  • I did minor improvements in my LinkedIn profile


  • I bought a new Mac and set everything up for work (design and develop). The Mac I was using was from my client and I had to return it 😇. These things took me one full day 😣
  • I managed to switch all my travel notes and links for future travels to Notion from my Bookmarks in Chrome or from my Notes app. This is a clear example of PROCRASTINATION saying hello 😂
  • I did for the first time in my life one exercise that Tim Ferris shows in his book the 4-hour workweek. Just for trying. It is called The Dreamline Exercise. I will try it a couple more times in the following months.
  • I'm brainstorming about the name of my future Estonian company as a funny thing to do. The concept I want is very clear, but it's difficult to find the right words!

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